Cash Flow Management


It is not how much money you earn, it is what you do with it that makes you wealthy.

The most important factor in financial success is having surplus cash flow to invest. These funds can be used to repay debt so you can take control of your finances away from the bank. The funds can then be invested to help make work become optional for you in the future.

However, most people use their discretionary income to live in the moment and purchase material items that don’t increase their happiness. This spending often leads to them chasing more income and having to pass up on life-changing experiences or skip meaningful time with their family because their situation does not allow it.  This is known by academics as the hedonic treadmill.

The odds are often stacked against you as the marketing people’s tactics are to make you feel inadequate without purchasing their goods, and the bank wants to keep you in debt for as long as possible. The government does not mind this either as the more you earn, and longer you work, the more tax they can collect.

In order to take control of this, you must first work out where your money is going and then set a realistic budget that balances living for now, with saving for the future, so you can enjoy life more when you get there or deal with unexpected setbacks better. We can work with you using software that takes data feeds from your bank to detail where your money is going.


Once we work out your financial ‘Achilles heel’ we can help you to implement tactics to overcome this.