Most financial advisers will focus on your assets and growing them. However, we believe the purpose of your assets should be to help you pursue the visions, goals and life aspirations that are important to you.

We define a wealthy person as someone who can do what they want when they want and how they want. We spend most of our first meeting with clients helping to understand their goals. We find once clients have a clear vision of where they are headed they have a much higher probability of doing the actions that are required to achieve these goals.

Once we have established what is important to you, we can take a look at how you are positioned towards achieving these goals. We can then determine if there are any areas where we can add value. If we don’t feel we can add enough value to cover our fees then we can point you in the right direction.

We hope you will leave this meeting with a better understanding of your current financial position and what is possible to achieve in the future.



Clarity is important to know where your goalposts are.

To achieve your goals, there will be a vast number of alternatives available.

There is government regulation, taxation, investment markets, estate planning, insurances and several other options you will need to navigate. These options are often complex and interrelate with each other.

A google search can reveal millions of answers to questions and finding the time to sift through them and knowing which are relevant and accurate is time-consuming. From the information gathered at your clarity meeting we will research the options we think you should be considering and some other alternatives you might use.

In our insight meeting, we will outline the areas we can help you in, the benefits you can expect to receive and give you an idea of the fees if you wish to proceed. If you choose to proceed we will then document the advice to you in the form of a Statement of Advice (also known as a Financial Plan)

Once this document has been prepared we will make time for another meeting to explain the advice in detail to ensure you fully understand the advice and answer any questions you may have. We can then proceed to implement the advice.



Once your finances are in order we need to ensure they stay this way. Your goals and dreams will evolve and so will investment markets and government regulation. 

We work in partnership with you to help adapt to these changes.

 This provides you with the security of knowing that as the world around you changes, your financial plan will evolve too – not simply to include those changes, but to benefit from them wherever possible.

Some of the variables that can change in the future and have a significant impact on the suitability of your strategy and investment portfolio include:

  • The economic environment

  • Investment sector performance, and individual fund manager performance

  • Your taxation position, and the taxation position of your investments

  • New investment products and services that become available to the market

  • Legislative changes, such as changes to tax, superannuation and Social Security rules that apply to your investments

In our partnership meetings, we ensure that your personal objectives and financial needs continue to be met. This often requires us to revisit the financial projections from your initial plan and see how you are tracking in relation to these.

We also like to update you on your investment portfolio at the meeting and provide our views on current issues impacting the investments, future opportunities, risks and how we are managing these.

In addition to our scheduled meetings, you can call us anytime to discuss a particular issue. It may be an issue regarding your plan, investments, super fund or an article you may have read. There is no additional charge for these discussions.